Rookie Review – Round 4

Written by Juddlow on April 19 2016

We find ourselves spoilt for choice in the back line this week with not much else jumping out at us. Some of my thunder was stolen in yesterdays poll but I believe both Byrnes are hot. Here we go-


D Byrne-Jones (PORT, 123K) We all like a player with a high work rate, here is no exception. Byrne-Jones was possibly the only positive for the Power in their loss to the Giants. The 181cm defender gathered 22 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles and a goal-97 SC points. Add to this his 14 disposals and 1 goal against the Bombers in Round 3, he looks a likely type! Byrne-Jones was drafted from the Oakleigh Chargers at pick 52 in the 2013 National Draft.

J Wagner (MEL, 121K) This 189cm defender can also run through the midfield and looks a very handy player. Against the Pies, the 21 year old accumulated 24 disposals, 6 marks and 5 tackles. In his first outing against the Roos, he had just the 8 touches and 4 tackles, he may have put that behind him. Wagner was taken at Pick number 6 in the 2015 Rookie Draft.

C Byrne (CAR, 123K) This 21 year old Irishman has the potential to be a great running defender and has shown solid form in the VFL. Standing at 188cm he played just one quarter in 2015. He backed up from his 20 disposals against the Suns on the weekend, where he faced the Bulldogs and gathered 15 disposals (10 contested), 4 marks and laid 2 tackles. Byrne was taken at pick 64 as an international rookie in the 2014 Rookie Draft.

T Ruggles (GEE, 102K) The 23 year old did not fare as well in his second game at the highest level. He finished the match with just 40 SuperCoach points. However he did have 17 disposals in a tight contest against the Bombers. With Geelong looking to get some continuity in their side, can he hold his place?

Thinking Back-

DEFENDERS Club Price Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Ave
A McDonald-Tipungwuti (FWD) ESS 238K 84 71 106 77.75
C Byrne CAR 123K DNP 67 67 67.00
C Marchbank GWS 215K 31 DNP DNP 62.00
J Wagner MEL 121K DNP 47 76 61.50
M Hartley ESS 167K 86 53 44 61.00
T Lee STK 123K DNP DNP 61 61.00
D Byrne-Jones PORT 123K DNP 61 97 61.00
T Ruggles GEE 102K DNP 72 40 56.00
J Bennell WCE 228K 23 DNP DNP 56.00
M Brown (FWD) ESS 187K 72 38 57 52.25
A Litherland HAW 246K 54 64 17 50.50
D McStay (FWD) BRI 248K 43 37 DNP 47.67
Z Dawson FRE 221K 15 64 45 46.25
L Plowman CAR 236K DNP DNP 46 46.00
S Lemmens GCS 236K 52 56 35 41.75
L Dawson BRI 245K DNP DNP 41 41.00
J Nelson WCE 209K 44 42 33 40.50
O McDonald MEL 155K DNP DNP DNP 32.00



As Dennis Cometti would say- “Nothing doing”

MIDFIELDERS Club Price Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Ave
J O’Rouke HAW 245K 65 50 DNP 56.33
G Hewett SYD 153K 48 18 DNP 54.00
R Davis GCS 178K 63 51 37 52.00
L Weller FRE 232K 59 47 54 50.75
J Dunkley WBD 117K 33 DNP DNP 47.00
R Crowley ESS 205K 38 28 DNP 41.33
J Gresham STK 144K 37 DNP DNP 40.50
B Macaffer COL 174K 37 DNP DNP 37.50
M Goodyear COL 123K DNP 25 DNP 25.00



J Lyons (ADE, 241K) After smashing out a 97 and 79 in his two matches, we all wish this 23 year old was about 100K cheaper. Against the Swans he had 15 disposals (13 contested), 4 clearances, 8 tackles and 2 goal assists. It is difficult to pay a premium for a rookie priced player, if you have the guts he could be your man to hold until late in the season.

N Cockatoo (GEE, 172K) We are all aware that this 19 year old has all the moves and the class to compete at the highest level. It will just be a matter of seeing some consistent form. Against the Bombers he looked as dangerous as ever, gathering 14 disposals, laid 7 tackles and took 3 marks inside the arc; finishing the day with 2.1 and 92 points. Cockatoo was drafted from NT Thunder at Pick 10 in the 2014 Draft.

Front of mind-

FORWARDS Club Price Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Ave
J Lyons ADE 241K DNP 97 79 88.00
J Simpkin (MID) ESS 223K DNP DNP DNP 72.00
T O’Brien HAW 123K DNP DNP 72 72.00
T Papley SYD 224K 109 46 24 70.75
L McCarthy GEE 193K 66 96 DNP 68.33
C Ah Chee GCS 216K 76 DNP 38 67.00
D Howard PORT 123K 61 DNP DNP 61.00
N Cockatoo GEE 172K DNP 29 92 60.50
C Menadue (MID) RIC 209K 63 31 58 58.00
C Ellis (MID) RIC 231K 39 53 81 58.00
M McGovern ADE 205K 61 61 68 57.75
C Curnow CAR 197K 46 50 64 53.33
J Patton GWS 242K 26 53 79 52.67
E Langdon (MID) FRE 238K 61 52 40 51.00
K Langford ESS 230K 66 67 27 50.25
J Short RIC 117K 52 46 DNP 49.00
W Hoskin-Elliott GWS 222K 67 31 DNP 49.00
D Rioli RIC 181K DNP 54 53 48.67
J Lamb CAR 203K 30 DNP 67 47.67
W Milera ADE 215K 83 39 27 47.25
P McCartin STK 210K 45 37 59 47.00
L Sumner CAR 123K DNP DNP 45 45.00
B Evans BRI 219K DNP 43 DNP 43.00
E Templeton STK 196K DNP DNP 39 40.00
C McKenna ESS 189K DNP DNP 40 40.00
J Hunt MEL 123K DNP DNP 40 40.00
L Duggan (MID) WCE 202K 17 29 52 38.50
M Taberner FRE 242K DNP DNP 44 35.00
N Kommer ESS 123K 31 38 DNP 34.50
H Crozier FRE 227K DNP DNP 30 30.00
J Freeman BRI 218K DNP DNP DNP 27.00
J Anderson NTH 223K DNP DNP DNP 15.00
C Gault COL 215K 10 DNP DNP 13.00



RUCKS Club Price Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Ave
T Nankervis SYD 226K DNP DNP 70 70.00
S Frost (FWD) MEL 214K DNP 31 72 40.00
K Brooksby GCS 220K DNP DNP 25 25.00
M Pitonet HAW 123K DNP DNP DNP 16.00




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15 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 4”

  1. Great work again Juddlow.

    Darcy Byrne-Jones for me this week.

    Is anyone else annoyed that out defensive rookies are not ready to cull yet the next wave of decent defenders are already on the bubble? I hate passing on Byrne but I’ll have to.


    1. Yeah it’s annoying. I think I’m going to trade lonergan down instead of up just to make the most of available rookies


  2. I was keen get Ruggles and Wagner…. But now leaning toward Bryne-Jones for one of them. Can’t believe how few mid rookies there are this year….. Usually, there are only a handful of Fwd/Def’s kicking around.


  3. Have only used two trades so far this year, and my first trade will be Papley (BE = 62) out for Byrne – Jones.

    I didn’t see BDJ’s game on the weekend, but I did watch him the week before – and he is a good user of the footy, and he has a nice bit of aggression about him (which Kenny will like).

    As commented above, I can’t believe we have so many viable defensive rookies coming through all together – Byrne and Wagner also look good, although be interesting to see if Wagner holds his spot with a couple coming back into the Melbourne side this week.

    If Brad Crouch plays this week as reported yesterday (if he doesn’t play then I will trade him), then I am contemplating a second trade:

    TU: Ryan Davis (BE = 17 / gone up $76K so far) or Mitch Brown (BE = 16 / gone up $70K so far) to C Byrne (Carlton)
    TD: Don’t trade (Davis and Brown have more money to be made)

    Comment: If TU, would you trade Davis or trade Mitch Brown?


  4. I have Milera, who seems for all money overcooked at $215k…. but due to the dearth of cheap fwd rookies, and my unwillingness to move the last fwd-def dpp link (out of adams, tippa, and brown) out of def for c.byrne, Milera’s teammate Lyons seems the best long term replacement. But, at $241k.

    Do I make this trade at a $26k loss, but good long-term financial upside (and sc score upside too)?

    T/U: Keep Milera and save a trade
    T/U: Get Lyons in and keep the cows cooking on medium heat



    1. Last Trade Worrier – g’day!!

      I had Lyons in my team all pre-season, and am really confident that he will score well when he plays (now that the vests are gone).

      However, job security must be a concern – even though he has had two very good games.

      Does he make way for Brad Crouch this week, and then you have other blokes like CEY, NVB, C Cameron and R Knight waiting in the wings. Milera out this week will help a little though you would think.

      Not sure if that helps or hinders your decision!!


      1. Cheers for that Brett, you and the community seem to have spoken – If Lyons’ name is there Thursday, only a pre-match twist to the tale will stop him joining my squad!


  5. I have some potentially devastating news for coaches downgrading to Port Adelaide’s Darcy Byrne-Jones regarding his job security. Being a Port Adelaide supporter I read the majority of articles on their website and came across this in the mix: Round 5 VS Cats. Here is the web address for the article
    In the article it states that “change could come in the form of small defender Jarman Impey, who was dropped in Round 4 after spending the first three games with the AFL side. The Power could benefit from his elite speed and step through traffic. Another option lies in midfielder Sam Colquhoun who was named in the extended squad last week before becoming an emergency player – he’s proved his ability at the top level with six AFL games under his belt last season.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was dropped this week for Colquhoun and Impey as they all play the same kind of role in defence but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed in the side for the next month. In no way am I persuading you not to select Byrne-Jones but I am informing you of his potential job security.


    1. Thanks Adam, definitely something to keep in mind. Eagerly awaiting the teams being announced on Thursday……..


    2. Mate seriously. The Adelaide media are FOS.
      I was there last week for the Bombers game. The glorification of Ports victory was fantastical! Like they had one the premiership! against rookies??? If you had watched the game against GWS you’d know that DBJ made some basic skill errors but he was still top 3 BOG. Tried hard, ran and tackled, looked up for it. Absolute stand out.



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