Snapshot: The Top 50 Teams, Part 2

Written by Chillo on July 19 2019

You may remember that we had a look at the makeup of the top 50 teams a couple of months ago. Lots of injuries, lots of mooing cows, and lots of trades have occurred in that two months, so what do the top teams look like now?

Please note that for the sake of clarity of the images, I’ve omitted some of the less popular players from the graphs. As expected with all the trade activity, there’s a lot more diversity in the top teams at this time of year, so I couldn’t list everyone. If there’s a particular player not listed that you’d like to know about (and believe me, some of them are very Supercoach relevant!), please let me know in the comments.


The Must: Jake Lloyd is by far the highest scoring defender again this year, so it’s no surprise that everyone’s favourite marine bird is the one who can not be ignored if you want to have a high scoring backline.

The POD: Jack Crisp is an interesting one, but it’s Lachie Whitfield who shapes as the real wildcard as we move towards league finals. His fitness, or lack thereof, could make or break a lot of teams over the next six weeks.

The Banana Skin: James Sicily is in 44 of the top 50 teams, but if last week’s performance is anything to go by, the return of Grant Birchall could see that number plummet.


The Must: “The Big Four” is a thing in the Supercoach midfield this year, and Fyfe, Neale, Macrae and Cripps form the nucleus of most of the best teams right now.

The POD: Eight coaches decided to (or were forced to) hold on to the injured Josh Kelly, who may or may not return in a week or two. If he comes back firing, those eight will feel pretty good about themselves. Also relevant is the fact that 12 coaches have to find a replacement for Coniglio.

The Banana Skin: Marcus Bontempelli has had a great season, but was wearing a moon boot earlier this week. A late out on Sunday could be a nasty surprise for 27 of the top 50.


The Must: Brodie Grundy is the highest scoring player of the year by a good margin. Anyone who doesn’t have him probably started planning their 2020 team months ago.

The POD: Todd Goldstein has caught fire since the bye, boasting a 3RA of 137 and providing a third wheel to the Premium Ruck conundrum. Goldy is only in 13 of the top 50 sides.

The Banana Skin: Most teams seem to be running without a swingman such as Scott Lycett in the forwards, so a late out for any of the 3 G’s could wreak havoc on the rankings.


The Must: It’s the Danger and Dunks show in the forward line, with both the Geelong champion and the latest Supercoach double centurion appearing in every team in the top 50.

The POD: A handful of coaches took a punt on Jack Ziebell keeping his role in the midfield and the impressive scoring that came with it. Can Jack repay the faith? A similar plotline surrounds Robbie Gray.

The Banana Skin: Tim Kelly has been outstanding in his sophomore year, but the taggers have come for him in recent weeks, and he averages below 100 in his past five starts. Can he bounce back, or is he slipping into luxury trade territory?


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10 thoughts on “Snapshot: The Top 50 Teams, Part 2”

  1. Could be a massive round of changes up top with some teams potentially at a tipping point. Fyfe, Cogs, Kelly plus maybe Bont and did I hear that Danger didn’t train? Some teams will be able to side step this easily but others might have a real drop off.


  2. Very interesting analysis. Can someone talk me out of idea of going Fyfe to cripps with 4 trades left (and no gawn)
    I can cover Fyfe for clarke, Bont for answerth and danger for setters if all hell breaks loose as it stands.


      1. 1 for fyfe and 2 for gawn as will need to downgrade one of answerth/clarke/setters/logue and then upgrade worpel (well that was the original plan)


            1. Oof. Hmm. Might give you a competitive edge, especially if Cripps pops off v Suns. Yep. Think you should do it, hammer.


    1. Cripps sounds like a great idea. It’s what i’d do for sure. But my team’s horrible so do the opposite and you’ll succeed.


  3. Chillo, this is a fantastic read. Great to see how my side stacks up against the top 50. Would love to see a write up of how the top 50 started the year. Maybe something to kick off 2020 with might be how the top 50 started 2019…..anyway, great write up….M.



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