The Mighty Ducks 2012 Team

Written by Duck on March 19 2012

So this year i’ve employed a clear strategy, something i think i’ve been missing in seasons gone by. This year i’m relying on the big names to get the big scores and the young blokes to get a kick and appreciate in value. I’ve also gone with as many DPP’s as i can. I’ve gone for the 1 ruck approach, hoping to soon be able to afford to trade up one of the rookies.

I haven’t considered the bye situation, as i think it’s fair to say in the first 10 rounds there’ll be lots of injuries and plenty of poor performances that will result in a great many trades …. changing my line-up from what it is today.

I’ve got $12k in the bank.

I understand there’s some injuries in the list below (players in bold) so i’m very open to hearing some player for player changes, whack them in the comments if you have some please!


H Scotland (D/M), B Deledio (D/M), S Fisher, C Enright, R Conca, B Lake, M Clarke, B Ellis, B Smedts (D/F)


G Ablett, M Murphy, B Goddard (M/D), A Goodes (M/F), S Coniglio, L Neale, J Magner, S Gibson


A Sandilands, J Giles, T Derickx, O Stephenson


L Franklin, N Fyfe (F/M), P Chapman (F/M), D Martin (F/M), D Pfeiffer (F/M), D Zorko (F/M),  A Treloar (F/M), A Saad , A Hall.


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74 thoughts on “The Mighty Ducks 2012 Team”

  1. Hey Duck,
    Your forward line is excellent, only thing i would do is put Dylan Smith (F/M) in for Zorko who has gone missing and no one saying how long he is out for.

    Rucks – Good – Except i would go Cox as i just have a bad feeling about sandi’s body this year.
    Backline – Different but good.
    Midfield -All good.



  2. I’d be a little worried over Sandi, Chapman and Goodes personally. You have a similar core lineup but with that team I’d downgrade Sandi to either Hale/Kreuzer or on of the Kangas boys, sub Chapman into middle for Goodes then trade out for PendleSwan (either or). As we know they’re bloody expensive but leave out at your peril!


  3. Duck, Thats a interesting yet pretty solid squad that you’ve assembled there. Strong mids & backs. If I had to tinker with your team i would probably just get rid of Conca & Clarke for cheaper rookies like Bugg, Morris, Yagmoor, Darley etc. Then now you have nearly 200k, drop Coniglio for another cheapie like Kerridge, Mcdonald, Ledger or Smith & use that extra cash along with the 200k towards upgrading a rookie (Zorko) to a player like Porplyzia who is a proven scorer in the past & is in great form.

    Hope your strategy works Duck, At least with all those DPP’s you’ll have plenty of coverage for late withdrawals or suspensions.


  4. I would look at introducing a few more GWS rookies. These can be used in the first round as possible emergency work arounds. I would definitely be looking at Darley, Smith, and Kennedy, in addition to your initial locks of Giles and Coniglio.


  5. Sorry, if I offended you but 7 players simply won’t play due to injury, form and elavation pendings? Backs Smedts won’t play and if he does a free pizza for you duck.
    Mids, neale, magner and Gibson won’t play
    Rucks, derix
    Forwards, zorko , trelour won’t play.


  6. I’d look at moving one (or more) of your M/F players from the forward line into the mids – not much use having 6 up front and only one in midfield to swap them with!


  7. Psssst, we’re testing some new functionality on the site. Something I think this site has needed for some time.

    Have a look down the bottom of the screen…..


  8. Duck… No worries! We put egg on our meat lovers and have a pizza called a mixed grill for lovers of meat. Motts will give details regardless the pizza is yours.
    PA … Your good!
    The… Dirty… 30…………………………….???? Look at that list…. Again…….. Please….;-)


  9. Hey guys have just made my first draft for the 2012 SC season. It has been a couple years so I am aware that I may be a little rusty but I think that I have chosen a fairly good side here:

    DEFENDERS: B Goddard, H Scotland, B Deledio, B Lake, B Smedts, S Darley, J Boumann EMERGENCIES: M Clarke, S Morris

    MIDFIELDERS: G Ablett, M Boyd, A Swallow, J Selwood, J Magner, S Gibson EMERGENCIES: E Kavanagh, L Neale

    RUCKS: S Mumford, J Giles EMERGENCIES: J Redden, O Stephenson

    FORWARDS: L Franklin, A Goodes, P Chapman, T Cloke, D Petrie, D Smith, A Hall EMERGENCIES: S Kerridge, T Dickson

    $253,300 left.

    Any comments and/or ratings would be greatly appreciated!


  10. Hey guys can you please let me know what you think of my team!

    DEF – B.Goddard, B.Deledio, G.Broughton, N.Malceski, B.Lake, R.Hargrave, M.Clarke……..SUBS- B.Ellis, T.Bugg

    MID – G.Ablett, J.Redden, D.Cross, T.Mzungu, C.Masten, S.Coniglio…….SUBS – Pfeifer, T.Ledger

    RUCK – D.Cox, D.Hale…..SUB – J.Giles, J.Redden

    FORWARD – L.Franklin, D.Martin, N.Riewoldt, P.Dangerfield, J.Porplyzia, D.Smith, T.Dickson…..SUBS – A.Hall, J.Hambling

    Note – Hale can be substitued into the forward line for Hambling


  11. I would consider replacing Gibson or neale as they are injured with a M/F rookie (D Smith comes to mind) allows greater flexability as your whole forward line is practically DPP’s.


  12. Would really appreciate feedback on my team guys.

    DEFENDERS: B Goddard, H Scotland, B Deledio, H Shaw, B Ellis, A Tomlinson, S Darley EMERGENCIES: T Bugg, B Wilkes

    MIDFIELDERS: G Ablett, M Boyd, J Selwood, A Goodes, A Miles, D Shiel
    EMERGENCIES: T Ledger, J Magner

    RUCKS: S Mumford, J Giles
    EMERGENCIES: J Redden, O Stephenson

    FORWARDS: L Franklin, D Martin, N Fyfe, S Sidebottom, P Dangerfield, J Porplyzia, B Smedts
    EMERGENCIES: D Smith, D Pfeiffer



  13. Hey guys, looks like theres some pretty switched on SC on here, im a newbie, played dreamteam for the last couple of years but i have finally come to my senses and swapped. lol. I would appreciate any advice on my team.

    Backs: h shaw, c newman, d heppell, b lake, m clarke, b ellis, t bugg
    res: s morris, l brown

    mids: g ablett, a goodes, b goddard, b deledio, s coniglio, d shiel
    res: j magner, j mcdonald

    rucks: d cox, j giles, res: j redden, o stephenson

    fwds: l franklin, n fyfe, p chapman, d martin, p dangerfield, a christenson, j porplyzia res:d smith, d pfieffer

    $52,000 left
    any advice would be appreciated. 🙂



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