2018 Rookie Review – Round 4

Written by Huttabito on April 17 2018

Following in the footsteps of Thommo, this is the smallest rookie article I have written. Got swept away for a weekend holiday for a friends birthday and actually had to socialise and only caught a few quarters of football this weekend! Thought I’d try something a bit different and focus on the studs, duds and newbies. Let me know what you think….

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*Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd4AvgBE
Finlayson (MID)GWS$283.6k (+$71.7k)10192.3-11
DoedeeAdel$276.8k (+$57.7k)5785.821
MurrayColl$251.2k (+$59.5k)9279.3-40
Coffield* (MID)StK$171.3k8073-45
RichardsWB$188.1k (+$52.8k)6765.7-38
O'Connor (MID)Geel$123.9kDNP62-
NaughtonWB$218.4k (+$36.0k)7853-11
Z.GuthrieGeel$222.1k (-$3.9k)2452.551
O'Brien (MID)Carl$162.3k4646-


Finlayson appears to know the definition of junk time racking up many of his 25 disposals (17 kicks) in the last quarter of the game helping him to 101 points courtesy of an additional 5 tackles and 6 marks. 5 clangers hurt his score, but you can’t really complain!

Murray was up against a tough opponent but like his team, came out on top with 92 points thanks to 23 disposals (7 kicks) at 69% DE to go with 3 marks, 5 rebound 50s, 6 tackles and 4 1%ers.

Naughton finally repaid the faith for his owners putting up 78 points from 15 disposals (10 kicks), 7 marks and 6 1%ers. His score has increased every week and appears to be settling into his role at the Bulldogs. Those who held onto him, pat yourself on the back.


This is probably harsh, but Doedee fell very short from our expectations only managing the 57 points against Collingwood. Struggled in the rain with 13 disposals (7 kicks) at 68% DE and 4 marks, 3 1%ers but expect him to bounce back this weekend.

Z.Guthrie seems to be out of his depth but given the state of the Geelong backline, continues to get game time. Just the 6 disposals (2 kicks) for 24 points against St Kilda – surprisingly owned by 5% of coaches given the other options up back!


Mirra has finally made it to the AFL! At 27 years of age and making the VFL team of the year on 4 occasions playing for Box Hill (Hawks affiliate) as captain and was picked up in the rookie draft after all his hard work. Known for his intercept and rebound skills – that’s exactly what he did. Finished up on 77 points courtesy of a game high 12 1%ers to go with 18 disposals (13 kicks) at 67% DE, 3 marks (1 contested), 6 rebounds 50s and a tackle. Very high on the target list after this weekend.

Coffield heads into next week on the bubble and once again showed his stuff with 17 disposals (7 kicks) at 82% DE to go with 4 marks and 4 tackles for 80 points. His score seems to be inflated from the 3 previous games he’s played due to collecting 7 contested possessions, which is about as many as last week and his 2 JLT games combined. Due to his nature of game style though, should easily be able to hit 60-70 most weeks – is that enough though and for who?

O’Brien is the last of the top 10 draft picks from 2017 to debut this year and after 46 against North Melbourne from 11 disposals (7 kicks), we need to wait another week.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd4AvgBE
Cunico Geel$188.6k109109-
KellyGeel$303.6k (+$71.9k)89103.5-1
HolmanGCS$237.0k (+$40.9k)3275.525
L.FogartyGeel$217.6k (+$42.4k)8069.8-22
JacobsNM$290.1k (+$45.6k)5668.529
BanfieldFrem$218.1k (+$25.2k)6963.3-10
CerraFrem$202.6k (+$17.8k)3449.332
BrayshawFrem$218.4k (+$4.8k)4248.554
DowCarl$208.6k (+$8.2k)4142.332
Davies-UniackeNM$205.0k (+$10.1k)3740.560


Kelly doesn’t really need words. 15 disposals (9 kicks), 2 marks, 3 tackles and 2 goals 89 points. Shaping up to be one of the very final upgrades for our teams and has been more profitable after two price rises than the GOAT rookie in Michael Barlow.

Banfield was responsible for keeping an eye on Whitfield in the early parts of the game which resulted in him floating forward and kicking his first AFL goal. He finished up with 17 disposals (7 kicks) at 88% DE, 5 marks and 3 tackles for 69 points.


The whole top 10 MID only draft picks. Brayshaw (42), Dow (41), Davies-Uniacke (37) and Cerra (34) all looked far off the pace is scores are anything to go by. I wonder if a rest from the seniors is on the cards shortly as have all been far from impressive?

Holman relies on tackles and contested possessions for his points but with just the 3 tackles and had 7 possessions (5 contested) for 32 points. His role appeared to be different to that of the last 3 weeks – hope this isn’t signs for this to come.


Cunico debuted last year and played just the 1 game for 49 points but against St Kilda this week, looked right at home with 21 disposals (15 kicks) at 81% DE, 5 marks, 3 tackles and 2 goals for 109 points.

Bailey was apparently very close to debuting in Rd1 but was given a few extra weeks to build in the NEAFL. Richmond didn’t give him or his team much of a shot and he just managed 7 disposals for 15 points.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd4AvgBE
English (FWD)WB$220.1k (+$35.2k)7867.5-25


English enjoyed his time up against Sinclair and managed 24 hitouts but given how mobile he is, was also able to collect 16 dispoals (9 kicks), 7 marks and put in a further 5 1%ers around the ground giving him 78 points. He’s had 3 solid games this season (3 x 76+) but struggled against in Rd2 with 33 points and faces the might of Sandilands this week who will also be a tough ask.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd4AvgBE
Stephenson (MID)Coll$245.1k (+$41.5k)11568.5-4
MarshallPort$271.3k (+$29.7k)4666.844
WatermanWCE$228.1k (+$47.1k)6165.51
Higgins (MID)Rich$130.8kDNP63-
FritschMelb$119.6k (+$34.7k)5858.53
J.Garlett (MID)Carl$193.3k (+$35.1k)7158-22
Rayner (MID)Bris$230.3k (+$27.3k)9754.5-25
HenryGeel$165.8k (+$41.9k)4655.3-42
RatugoleaGeel$165.8k (+$41.9k)6053.3-37
Crowden (MID)Frem$159.2k (+$41.9k)6154-40
CrockerColl$223.4k (+$14.6k)6053.527
LongStK$207.3k (+$18.0k)655322
GowersWB$179.1k (+$26.2k)4849.314
D.Fogarty (MID)Adel$174.0k (+$20.7k)4445.314
VenablesWCE$170.5k (+$26.3k)614516
RioliWCE$144.7k (+$20.8k)4839.7-3
Polson* (MID)Carl$130.8kDNP3311


Stephenson will remember the day he kicked 5 goals against Adelaide at Adelaide Oval – a feat remarkable for anyone let alone someone in their 4th ever game. Making the most of the wet conditions he fired off 6 shots at goal from only 7 kicks (13 disposals) and just missing 1 for 115 points. I know of one happy SCT regular who got his scored for the injured J.Kelly! His BE will be quite low for the next 2 games and will turn him into quite the profitable little cash cow.

J.Garlett didn’t want to get into the action early but eventually got a move on. The evening was a very one sided affair and he managed to kick 2 goals which was half of Carltons score giving him a nice healthy boost to 71 points. He finished up with 8 disposals (all kicks) at a handy 88% DE to go with 3 marks and 5 tackles which helped significantly.

Rayner appeared to be one of the only Brisbane Lions to show up in the 110 to 17 point drumming handed out by Richmond collecting 22 disposals (13 kicks) with a team second high 12 contested possessions. He also slotted 1 of only 2 goals from the Lions and scored 97 points with the help of 4 marks (3 contested) and 3 tackles. One who has repaid the faith to his owners who held on and will make a nice sum of money over the next fortnight at least.


Most of the other rookies appeared to do more or less as we’ve come to expect from them and the only real disappointments  are Marshall (who is not really relevant other than to 2% of coaches) and Henry who both scored 46 points. The expectations on Henry were high, averaging just 0.1 point per minute less than the the famed T.Kelly but has come crashing back to the pack after managing just 3 1%ers which was how he scored most of his points last week. He only collected 7 disposals (6 kicks) and with a 57% DE and 2 clangers, was at least saved by the 6 tackles he laid. Will need a good score the week to keep his BE low once last weeks 96 rolls out of the price cycle.


When you hear “WAFL mature aged recruit” you should get excited when it comes to SuperCoach and Guelfi is exactly that, a 21yo drafted from Claremont in last years draft. He earnt praise from Worsfold after the game for the pressure he applied on the ball he had 17 disposals (11 kicks) at 71% DE, 9 contested possessions (second team high), 3 marks, 2 tackles and 6 inside 50s (equal team high) for a very handy 72 points on debut. One to keep an eye on ANZAC day as he would be unlucky to be pushed out.

Cashing out these top 10 draft MIDS like…..

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27 thoughts on “2018 Rookie Review – Round 4”

  1. Thanks Hutta, the review didn’t feel that short.

    Brayshaw is a tough call. Do you hold him and hope he fires or trade him for minimal return for Coffield this week?


    1. I’m holding Brayshaw, I’ll wait another week for a cheap rookie, feels bad cashing out for $40k for someone who will still have smaller cash generation compared to basement priced rookies.


    1. Or hold off on Coffield, and trade to Mirra next round instead?

      TU: Coffield this week
      TD: Mirra next week


  2. I think brayshaw to coffield is a bit of a waste but Im tempted to go slightly early on bonner for coffield. Would you trust coffield at D6? (currently have finlayson at M8)


    1. I was thinking Mirra for Bonner next week for a bigger payoff and gives Bonner another week to pump out a 70+ score.


      1. Yeah good point. Im waiting on guelfi for a brayshaw downgrade too as it would open the mid/fwd swing for me


    2. I think Coffield is fine at D6 as long as you are fielding the 3 main defence rookies (which you are with Finlay @ M8).


          1. that’s what i’m thinking too will be holding him for tad longer than most people to should hopefully score consistent again and get that 30 odd out of his cycle.


  3. Thanks Hutta. Very good. People for dinner meant I missed putting the C on Olango. Socialising is bad for supercoach 😉


  4. So, who do you think should be covered in Cow Talk tomorrow? Only players with 4 matches played, but open to non-traditional cows like Bonner and Fisher. I own those blokes, so since I will run their numbers for myself I’ll include them. Anyone else you can think of? I always end up forgetting someone I don’t own, so for a change I am checking ahead of time. It’s almost like I’m organized! (I’m faking that) Please only cows or cow like players.


    1. Christensen, jack graham, lycett are in similar price range to fisher/bonner and are in a few sides so might be worth covering them off to?


    2. Cows covered should only include players that were priced at $202800 (Cam Rayner) and below at the start of the season.

      There is over 20 players that fall into that category who have played every game.


      1. Well, I’m not gonna run numbers for some cow-like players and not share. How many I add over traditional cow-pricers depends on how many look interesting. And my time.


  5. Rookies in fwd line:
    Fritsch, Garlett, Henry and Langdon
    To get Guelfi in a weeks time (assuming he fires again) do I:
    TU Offload one of these rookies early (excluding Langdon)
    TD Downgrade Billings to him


    1. Do you have any mid rookies ready to offload? Cos you could also swing garlett to midfield and trade a mid rookie for guelfi.


    2. Garlett and Henry have a low score 36 and 27 respectively removed from the 3 round average this next round so they potentially will make more money over the next 3 weeks.
      Fritcsh looks that he scores around the 55-60 mark looking at his first 4 games so he would make around the $60,000 mark in cash over the next three weeks. Henry may have a higher ceiling judging by his 94 in game 2 and will make approximately$84,000 in cash if he goes around the 60 mark over the next 3 weeks. Garlett is a worry not only that he plays for Carlton but he may be vulnerable to a very low score now and then, however, he managed to pull off a 71 in junk time against the Roos. Should he score around the 60 mark next 3 games he will increase by $75,000 approximately.

      Summing up I would definitely be keeping Henry.


      1. I have brayshaw ready to go in the mid but was planning on getting mirra for him via finlayson…
        other rookies in the mid are kelly, holman, banfield, barry and o’connor (forgot to turn o’connor into fogarty (geel) before round 1 and paying for it now)



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