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Written by Freo Tragic on February 20 2023


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As impressive as they were for periods of last year, winning 15 games and a final, it’s really hard to get a read on the Dockers in 2023. A very active Trade Period has left a heap of fans wondering if they have the fire power up forward to make a splash this year. Lobb was our leading goal scorer but he left for the Doggies. Logue was more a swingman but could be handy up forward and is probably more of a loss in my book. The addition of Corbett from the Suns adds some depth, I’m just not convinced he can do enough as a key forward from week to week. We have all heard that Fyfe will “revitalise” his career as a permanent forward. He should at least take a decent defender and add some leadership.

The good news is we got Luke Jackson who certainly has scope for improvement and Jaeger O’Meara to give some experience in the middle. Long term I have no doubt Freo will benefit from the Jackson trade. This year however, we may take a small step back, as some of the younger forwards like Amiss find their feet. The Freo list is currently stacked with high end talent in that nineteen to twenty four range. My hope is even if we slip a bit this year, we should still be pushing for finals for quite a few years to come.


Feeling Lucky: There’s been a heap of hype around Hayden Young ($508 200) this pre-season. The coach has mentioned him specifically as someone  who looks to have taken “their game to another level ”  He has been taking kick ins at match sim and 10% of coaches think he is primed to make that jump to premium defender in 2023. I personally think he will improve, I’m just not sold that he can improve enough. Young has had a rather injury interrupted start to his AFL career.  He has actually only played 7 more games than Nick Daicos so is still very low on experience. Luke Ryan ($531 600) is ultra competitive and I just can’t see him handing over the majority of kick ins to Young just yet. With a Fremantle backline stacked with young talent, there just doesn’t look to be quite enough ball for Young this year. I’m a little worried he wont average enough to compete with some of the top defensive options. That’s why I’m taking the cautious approach, as I still feel he maybe a year away. I do hope he proves me wrong

Money Maker:  Somewhat of a journey man Cory Wagner ($117 300, DEF/MID) has never really cracked it in the AFL. Last year he applied himself at VFL level for Port Melbourne and was rewarded with a late list spot at Freo. This guy has all the attributes we look for in a cash cow. Fantastic price, DPP, mature age. If he plays, he most likely gets a decent role. Unfortunately a few pre-season injury hiccups have put the brakes on a promising arrival. Hopefully he can get up for one of the practice games as he could be an outstanding rookie priced player for us this year. Watchlist.


Lock and Load: Andrew Brayshaw ($615 600). The Wagyu of the Brayshaw clan. Andy B really stepped up last year. Averaging 116  he finished the season as the 8th MID OA. Voted by his peers as the most valuable player on Brownlow night, it’s obvious he is highly rated in AFL circles. The real key to his ability to improve this year is how he handles the tag. With the possibility of captain duties, I’m sure Fremantle will have a solid plan on how to free Andy up if the clamps come on. Some things in Andy’s favour are: he only just turned 23, his seamless accumulating ability and trajectory. Andy is currently in 16% of sides and with Freo’s soft early draw, I can see why. He is my current M3.

Feeling Lucky:  Very close to my favourite Freo player. It feels like Caleb Serong ($498 800) has been around forever, but in reality 2023 will only be his 4th year. Calab is another to get singled out this pre-season, as his work rate and leadership seem to have also “gone to another level”. He is now nearing the 60 game mark, so there’s a chance that this could be the year he truly breaks out. As much as I’d love to pick the guy, at his price point, he is competing with other breakout types like Tom Green, Noah Anderson and LDU, all with higher ceilings and better TOG. Tom Mitchell is only $30k more and he’s done it all before. Overall I’m happy to pass on Serong, although I will be looking out for him in Draft, as I think he could up his TOG and crack the 100 point average this year.

Money Maker: Mathew Johnson ($123 900) is a tall athletic midfielder that was drafted pick 21 in 2021. He missed a fair chunk of last year due to injury and was eased back in the WAFL as Freo were taking the cautious approach with what seems a very talented player. All reports are he is really impressing at training – aren’t they all. At the time of writing, 23% of coaches currently own him, so a heap of you are hoping he can make the cut come Round 1 and be a serviceable rookie for us this year. As with all these rookies, keep an eye on him in the practice games and cross your fingers he lines up in March.


Feeling Lucky: Sean Darcy ($562 200) surprised everyone in 2021 when he went on an absolute tear mid-season and helped a few canny coaches rise the SuperCoach ranks. His huge ceiling and ability to hit the scoreboard, were very impressive. In 2022 Sean never really hit those lofty heights. The constant knocks and niggles often associated with a big lumbering ruckman, and the occasional inclusion of Loyd Meek meant Darcy didn’t really get going. He did still manage pretty healthy 102 point average. This years addition of Luke Jackson ($465 500) looks to have dampened any chance of Darcy re joining the top echelon of ruck scorers in 2023. There is a chance Jackson fires forward, and Darcy does take the majority of ruck time.I think it will be closer to a 60 /40 split. For me even with all the uncertainty over the rucks this year, it would take a very brave coach back Darcy at this starting price.


Feeling Lucky:  When SuperCoach first came out and I saw Nathan Fyfe ($313 600) as a forward for $300k, I immediately popped him in my team. The memories of 2022 when so many low mid-pricers, like Cogs and Brodie, fired for us were still strong. How could Fyfe, a two time Brownlow medal winner and former uber premium, not work ? Then the dreaded forward news dropped and the Fyfe freeze began. Serious coaches started to doubt his ability to make an impact in a role he just isn’t that good at. To be honest, Fyfe has always had injury issues even in his prime. There’s aways a chance he gets off to a flyer and makes us pay, I just can’t trust his brittle body in an unfamiliar role to get the job done on a consistent basis. Any slight knock or niggle and Fyfe will be put on ice. A heap of coaches will start him trusting the name. I won’t be one of them unfortunately.

Money Maker:  Quick shout for Liam Henry ($202 300), Josh Corbett ($163 000) and Tom Emmitt ($117 300). It’s really hard to know if these guys are even best 22 at the moment. Henry has trained on the wing and looks to have put on some size. There was trade rumours around him last year, so he really needs lock down a spot to remain at Freo long term. Corbett and Emmitt look to be depth, Corbett probably wont play if Tabener, Fyfe and Amiss are fit. They are all injury prone, so expect him to feature at some stage. Josh could score okay if given a higher up the ground role. If he’s played deep avoid. Emmitt is a pressure forward that may get games through injury. He is a great mark for his size and can play up the ground a bit. Watch list him, as he could be a great downgrade option mid season.


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11 thoughts on “2023 Team Preview – Fremantle”

  1. Good work Freo Tragic!

    Here is some extra information that was given from an intraclub match from a couple of days ago.

    Nat Fyfe:
    “Nat Fyfe booted three goals for the morning, as he continues to settle into his new role as a PERMANENT forward.”
    He was also was “strong overhead inside 50 and had moments of working up the ground to help drive his team into attack with clean entries to his fellow forwards.”

    124k FWD Sebit Kuek:
    “Sebit Kuek had explosive moments, highlighted by his strong overheard marking and a blistering run-and-bounce play down the wing – before ending the day with three goals.”
    He played in the B team so was up against the better defenders which is also positive in some ways. Could be making his way in midseason.

    Matt Johnson:
    “The grey (B) team was well-served by second-year midfielder Matt Johnson, who regularly got his hands to the football first at stoppages”
    Showed promise and was against the better midfielders but not in the main team.

    Liam Henry:
    “(He) was the other (Ethan Hughes) wingman on the stronger team”
    On the stronger team is good signs and spending time in the midfield as a DPP.


  2. Thanks Nato.

    We looked quite slick in the match Sim highlights I watched, Fyfe looked very good. No one laid glove on him though. Let’s see how he goes in the practise match with proper opposition.

    Last year I warned against Brodie and that was a mistake..

    Maybe this year its Fyfe !

    Jackson looked very mobile and took some big marks, his tackling was great as well. Could he be a “feeling lucky” R2 option ?

    Just want to thank everyone for reading this post by offering a league code below..

    Anyone can enter..

    Tragics@SCT #3


    More leagues to come if you miss out.

    Cheers FT .


    1. Thanks FT, just joined.

      For midpricers, I am debating going either Yeo or Fyfe. Both have injury history. Yeo plays a better role, but even in his dominant days I remember the yo-yo scoring. I also find it easier to add more rookies in the D line over the FWD pack.

      If you had to pick one:
      Yeo T/U
      Fyfe T/D


    1. He is worth watching in the preseason games. I can’t see him making the round one team though. He would probably need an injury to a forward. Even then I see others possibly ahead of him. I’m avoiding him at this stage.


  3. geez FT, I had my midfield all sorted and then you unleash that spiel on Brayshaw. Back to the drawing board….

    I am also very interested in Young for the D2 spot. Similar price bracket to Daicos, Ridley and Himmelberg, how many of these sorts do we think is too many to have all in one team?


    1. Def Wisdom seems to be 1 600k player and 1 500k player. Then put the money elsewhere.

      I think at most you go 3 def premos. Given the decent rookie/midprice options.

      Himmelburg seems a stay away because he’s starting the year as a fwd, so wait for a price drop (or common sense to prevail)


  4. I think Fyfe is a must have.

    Too many people have him in their team not to have him, and if you treat him as an expensive rookie you get 2 extra weeks to see how it goes.



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