Game Chat – North Melbourne v St Kilda

Written by Father Dougal on July 7 2019

Where and when: Blundstone Arena, Sunday July 7, 3.20pm AEST

What it means for North Melbourne: The chance for the Roos to edge closer to the top eight, but also to prove they can perform just as well as the hunted rather than the hunter.

What it means for St Kilda: The Saints can hand their embattled coach Alan Richardson a week (mostly) free of scrutiny with a seventh win for the season, which would give them a chance to match the 11 from 2017.

The stat: This will be the clubs’ third meeting at Blundstone Arena but first since 2015. North Melbourne leads 2-0.

The match-up: Todd Goldstein v Rowan Marshall

There are rumblings about St Kilda being in the ruck market – and Goldstein (No.16 in the AFL Player Ratings), a free agent, is reportedly one of the targets. However, the Saints already have a promising big man in Marshall (No.285), who might be extra motivated this week.

It’s a big week for: Jake Carlisle

The expectations will be higher on Carlisle in his third match since recovering from a debilitating back injury that delayed his start to the season. The Roos’ three-pack of talls – Ben Brown, Nick Larkey and Mason Wood – will keep him busy.

Father Dougal’s Tip: North by 25 points.

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26 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne v St Kilda”


    North Melbourne: Jed Anderson, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Sam Durdin, Mason Wood
    St Kilda: Luke Dunstan, Blake Acres, Ben Paton, Matt Parker


  2. T. Goldstein 69
    J. Billings 37
    C. Zurhaar 51
    J. Newnes 32
    N. Larkey 43
    J. Bruce 29
    J. Simpkin 38
    R. Marshall 28
    J. Ziebell 33
    C. Wilkie 19
    J. Pittard 32
    B. Paton n19
    R. Tarrant 31
    J. Sinclair 18
    J. Anderson 23
    L. Dunstan 17
    B. Cunnington 23
    D. McKenzie 16
    P. Ahern 23
    S. Ross 15
    T. Dumont 22
    B. Long 14
    S. Atley 20
    J. Steele 13
    T. Thomas 18
    M. Parker 11
    M. Williams 15
    H. Clark 10
    L. McDonald 15
    S. Savage 8
    M. Wood 14
    T. Membrey 8
    J. Polec 13
    N. Coffield 6
    B. Brown 10
    J. Battle 4
    L. Davies-Uniacke 10
    J. Gresham 4
    S. Thompson 9
    J. Carlisle 3
    S. Durdin 2
    N. Hind 3
    K. Turner 1
    B. Acres 3


  3. Some live scores:

    Goldstein 69
    Ziebell 33
    Cunnington 23

    Billings 37
    Marshall 28
    Steele 13
    Parker 11
    Hind 3


  4. Annoyed I traded Goldy for Gawn in Rd14 as that cash could have been utilised to grab 1 of Dunkley or Whitfield for the run home instead of grabbing Mundy/Sicily instead.


      1. Surprised with the response as there was valid reasoning for Goldy owners to sideways/upgrade to Gawn in Rd14.

        An extra round from Gawn and if able to field in excess of 18 would have garnered a 100+ point differential.

        Was a 25+ differential between the 2 rucks and whilst you’d expect Gawn to fall back slightly there still should be a 10 point differential for the remainder of the season in regards to avgs thus warranting a trade.


  5. How has my upgrade of Goldy to the highest scoring player in the game coming off his bye looking like my worst trade of the season


  6. saints offer no real selection surprises for the opposition
    same expected players , same ball movement
    would think a team like the saints
    thats not gna win a flag for a couple of years
    would mix it up a bit more


    1. good point PJ, but with no real game plan last year, ANYTHING is surely an improvement … and importantly the list is buying into it.

      Surely Richo’s days are numbered and Ratts (the key instigator of our improvement) can take the reins?! Now THAT would be exciting 😉

      Battle (a crucial cog) OUT in the first few minutes of Q1 will not help us today. That’s for sure.


      1. yeh
        Richo’s done a serviceable job getting the kids ready to take the next step
        be interesting to see who has the reigns over the next 5 years
        Richo or someone else
        Malthouse has popped up with a few well timed digs @ the pies
        recon he might be sniff’n around for a new job
        3 potentially good lists on offer


    1. Yes excited
      Billings was gone to Sloane last week
      Yet thought better get another bench option for forward line in Chol who ended up being required for Boak
      Was initially disappointed to not have Moore as bench cover in forward line as I thought Hore on the field instead of Chol was a better option however that worked out for me. Only regret in hindsight is not trading Hore


  7. 1/2 time

    T. Goldstein 96
    J. Billings 76
    J. Ziebell 73
    R. Marshall 70
    C. Zurhaar 58
    J. Bruce 67
    J. Simpkin 57
    J. Newnes 60
    J. Anderson 55
    L. Dunstan 55
    N. Larkey 55
    J. Steele 50
    R. Tarrant 51
    C. Wilkie 42
    J. Polec 51
    T. Membrey 35
    B. Cunnington 51
    B. Paton 33
    P. Ahern 47
    N. Hind 32
    J. Pittard 43
    S. Ross 31
    T. Dumont 41
    J. Sinclair 28
    L. McDonald 38
    B. Acres 27
    S. Thompson 34
    M. Parker 27
    S. Atley 33
    D. McKenzie 25
    M. Williams 22
    S. Savage 23
    B. Brown 35
    J. Gresham 21
    T. Thomas 19
    J. Carlisle 19
    M. Wood 14
    N. Coffield 17
    L. Davies-Uniacke 13
    H. Clark 15
    S. Durdin 1
    B. Long 15
    K. Turner 1
    J. Battle 4


  8. So i can’t afford Whitfield now since Hore injured himself so who is the best defense to have i currently have Hurn, Laird , Sicily , J. Llyod , Logue


    1. Crisp. Solid as. Weller is consistent enough. Do you have ZWilliams? If you do, I’d consider sideways trading him to Whitfield the week after Lachie comes back. Williams averages in 89 when Lachie plays and 119 when he doesn’t!
      That’s a late(r) trade I’m looking at IF I have the trades to do it!

      Good luck with it.


  9. 3 Q time

    T. Goldstein 131
    J. Billings 115
    J. Ziebell 111
    R. Marshall 113
    J. Simpkin 101
    J. Bruce 96
    C. Zurhaar 83
    L. Dunstan 96
    R. Tarrant 73
    J. Steele 85
    J. Polc 71
    J. Newnes 67
    P. Ahern 71
    T. Membrey 66
    T. Dumont 67
    B. Paton 63
    J. Anderson 66
    C. Wilkie 57
    J. Pittard 64
    H. Clark 53
    B. Cunnington 61
    B. Acres 52
    N. Larkey 61
    J. Gresham 50
    S. Atley 58
    S. Savage 43
    L. McDonald 56
    D. McKenzie 42
    B. Brown 51
    J. Carlisle 41
    S. Thompson 49
    J. Sinclair 41
    T. Thomas 35
    N. Hind 39
    M. Williams 32
    S. Ross 36
    L. Davies-Uniacke 32
    B. Long 34
    K. Turner 15
    M. Parker 27
    M. Wood 14
    N. Coffield 23
    S. Durdin 8
    J. Battle 4


  10. Steele appears to be coming TAG relevant again. Keeping Cunners quiet today.
    Ziebell looking like a very good F6 …


  11. nth melb 17 . 10 . 112
    st kilda 11 . 7 . 73

    T. Goldstein 147
    J. Billings 143
    J. Simpkin 125
    J. Bruce 135
    J. Ziebell 125
    R. Marshall 124
    C. Zurhaar 112
    L. Dunstan 115
    N. Larkey 93
    J. Steele 109
    J. Polec 89
    J. Newnes 92
    R. Tarrant 88
    T. Membrey 82
    J. Anderson 88
    C. Wilkie 72
    B. Cunnington 88
    B. Paton 71
    P. Ahern 84
    J. Carlisle 69
    T. Dumont 81
    S. Savage 64
    S. Thompson 80
    H. Clark 64
    S. Atley 77
    J. Gresham 61
    J. Pittard 75
    B. Acres 60
    B. Brown 70
    J. Sinclair 57
    L. McDonald 65
    S. Ross 54
    M. Williams 55
    D. McKenzie 49
    T. Thomas 52
    N. Hind 45
    L. Davies-Uniacke 42
    B. Long 41
    M. Wood 27
    M. Parker 34
    K. Turner 23
    N. Coffield 23
    S. Durdin 11
    J. Battle 4



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