Game Chat – North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs

Written by Motts on April 2 2021

Where and when: Marvel, 4:20pm (AEDT)

Last time they met: R5 2020: Bulldogs 13.9 (87) SMASHED North 5.8 (38)

The Dogs’ pre-season sparkle dulled with consecutive hidings to begin the year, but they’ve responded with three straight victories – the latest a 49-point defeat of North Melbourne. They did it with a devastating, five-goal burst in the third quarter that blew the margin out to 44 points, before cantering to a 49 point triumph. On the flipside, the Kangaroos’ season has gone into a tailspin ahead of a relocation north to the Gold Coast, with their bright 2-0 start spoiled by three defeats on the trot. Josh Bruce’s booted six in authoritative fashion against North to be the best player afield.Tom Liberatore (23 disposals) and Jack Macrae (24) won five clearances each in starring roles, while Easton Wood and English continually repelled North’s forward-50 entries.

Match Preview: I like the Good Friday fixture but North are going to have to get a hell of a lot better before it becomes a spectacle. Their 2 losses this year have come at an average of 55 points. That’s brutal. Doggies fans are going to have a day out.

Motts Watch:

Powell (who I traded in after Round 1) and Ziebell will be of most interest but also keen to see how Goldstein and Cunnington are going. How is the new coach, David Noble (I had to look his name up), going to combat the awesome might of the Doggies’ engine room?

Heaps to watch here: Daniels (after his off week against The Eagles), Macrae, Dunkley, and Scott are all in my team. It’s hard to miss Bontempelli too.

Mottsy’s Tip: Bulldogs by 60 (current tipping record 5 from 6)

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40 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs”

      1. As a young’n, many solar eclipses ago, I could never understand why a full forward couldn’t kick at least 4 goals a quarter if they had 30 mins each quarter to do so.
        ….surely if the ball was tossed up straight by the umpire and you had a 7ft + ruck to hit it to a classy rover, who then kicked it to the full forward who marked it and kicked the goal……why should that be a problem?……LOL
        …….yep, it was explained “coz the umpires are inconsistent”…..LOL


  1. FINAL TEAMS – No late changes.

    North Melbourne sub : Kyron Hayden
    Western Bulldogs sub: Patrick Lipinski


    1. I am not a Norf fan, i go for the Pies, but David Noble is John Nobles father….

      On that basis, Norf by 1pt


  2. I really hope Macrae goes huge and the SC Gods forgive me for once after I didn’t VC’d Grundy last night…
    Just this one time, pretty please? ^^
    Good luck to everyone


  3. Hey Coaches, I posted this in another thread but it’s not really lively at the moment and I need to make a decision before I go to bed (it’s 1:30 am over here right now).

    Part 1 – who would you trade out?
    T/U: H. Young
    T/D: P. Dow


    1. Part 2 – who to trade in?

      T/U: Impey (will be F4)
      T/D: S. Berry (will be M9, unless I put him on instead of J. Clark).

      Thanks in advance everyone.


  4. Hello, i currently have (Gulden and Campbell) Sydney swans rookies should i get Warner or play it safe and get someone else

    TU: get him

    TD: play it safe and get Impey


  5. Half time (~>3%)
    Powell 26
    Ziebell 80
    Young 27
    Stephenson 57
    Phillips 23
    Goldy 57

    Scott 30
    Dunkley 64
    Daniel 48
    Macrae 47
    Bont 32
    Mcneil 21
    Smith 37
    Martin 22
    English 39
    Treloar 63


  6. Problem…I had the VC on Grundy last night and really want to take his 162 score as Captain. My only non-playing player is Rowell, who I kept last week to take Campbell’s emergency score of 118. I was going to trade out Rowell & T Phillips this week for A Brayshaw & Ridley (via DPP). There’s a chance one of my Sunday rookies may be dropped (rumours of Koschitzke perhaps) but with Rowell playing tonight, I need to make a decision without knowing if I have a loophole for Captain.

    TU: Put Rowell as Captain, trade him out next week, to take Grundy’s VC score of 162 (my opponent has Grundy as VC and a non playing rookie as Captain) & still probably do T Phillips to Ridley / Brayshaw

    TD: Trade out Rowell & T Phillips, trade in Ridley & Brayshaw, Captain Koschitzke (and hope he’s not playing so I get Grundy score) and if he is playing, roll the dice with Captain Gawn.


  7. Had my VC on Grundy but then realised I had no loopholes so I went C on Macrae since they were playing North. Sadly he hasn’t performed the best so far.
    I’m really hoping he cracks the tonne so I am not punished for choosing him as my Captain


    1. F*** off!! If I knew that was going to occur I wouldn’t have gone with captain Macrae and then use Highmore as a captain loophole, provided they didn’t name him as the sub.
      Macrae is having a quiet game and I’m probably going to lose 70-80 points because of this captain choice.


      1. Had I known this I would have VC’d Dunkley.

        Now the question is Walker or Gulden for VC


  8. geez
    only started with 6 premos
    danger suspended
    neale injured
    & now daniel 3 rd av of sht
    at least some of my rooks are gonig well


  9. I’m gonna earn some thumbs down for this one (sorry in advance Roo Bloke) but this is an example where a club deserves relegation. Not just relocation or merger.

    They’re so far off AFL standard it isn’t even worth crediting this as an AFL match.

    The only way they deserve the options of relocation or merger is if they wipe the management structure – football and off the field departments – and start again from scratch.

    They consistently recruit appallingly, despite years of good draft selections that they just seem to give away.

    Think about it. This was a year we thought they had won at the draft table by scoring Stephenson in Collingwood’s dumpster fire.

    Yet they gave away Higgins in effect for Bonar, and Brown for a 4th rounder?

    They keep thinking they will somehow magically rise up the table and do ill advised pick swaps that see them drop back places.

    When they do hang on to a higher draft pick, they use it on completely the wrong type of player.

    They’ve just given away their best forward for years, they can get Logan McDonald and they choose Will Phillips?

    This club confuses and frustrates me.


      1. I think Tasmania want that we relocate the Oakleigh Chargers to Tasmania as their AFL team and relegate North.

        To be honest, right now, I see their point.


        1. As i am Tasmanian, i can assure you no one down here wants the hawks or north as a tassie based club. Its nice to watch some footy, but many think our government pays far too much money for a what is essentially a money grab for these clubs playing down here.

          Rumour down here is that tassie will never get a club under Gill , his legacy is AFLW. Next CEO might be Brendon Gale, who is a tasmanian and if you believe what you hear, if he gets that gig thats where people down here feel that a tassie team might happen and Gale’s legacy being a tassie team.

          I haven’t got an emotional attachment to essendon after the scandal anymore, if it wasn’t for supercoach i might of lost interest. I will never buy a bomber membership ever again, if tassie gets a team i’m all in on it, but its got to be our own team not a relocation bull sh!t
          bit of a rant there haha


  10. Cant wait to see the muppet David King try to explain to me how north tried hard and are just brand new into a rebuild. I remember when he said north were not gonna be spooners this year. He is a donut. In regards to the game Im very happy, placed a 10er on Dogs to win by 80+ so beers on doggies tonight!


  11. Despite this honest to goodness shemozzle I still think ALL clubs deserve an opportunity to have a “blockbuster” match.



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