Poll – Trades Are Free Fallin’

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 10 2017

And I’m free…….I’m free fallin’!!! (Tom Petty)


How is your trades situation looking these days?  Are you at the Full Premium stage of the year?  No rush to get to full premo just yet?  Tell us all about it in the Forum………


How many trades do you have in hand right now?

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20 thoughts on “Poll – Trades Are Free Fallin’”

  1. I have a full premium team i feel, doesn’t mean i have actually had all 22 play in 1 round though


  2. 6 trades left, full premium with a premium on bench in def and fwd. Next trade or two will be for a fallen mid premo like selwood to give me a premo on mid bench also. Would love to sideways trade a few average premos but don’t quite have the luxury.


  3. 10 left but still 3 premos short. No rush to finish team as I have secured top 4. I haven’t brought in Gawn for Sandi yet as his be is 125 still. Also I don’t want a premium injured that I bring in before league finals


  4. Quite right Mr Potato… This just about sums up my year as well. I’ve never seen so many dud rookies, underwhelming premiums and annoying 1-3 week injuries. Thank the SC Gods for Doc and Danger.


  5. Well when you think a 2-3 week injury is annoying but still worth holding, just imagine it ends up being 7 and counting, it really hurts a side, especially when you have someone like Parsons trying to cover


    1. I’ve seen a lot of teams claiming full premium with Steele, Newman and Witts in them. It’s been a weird season.


      1. Given the performance of “premiums” like Shaw, Dahlhaus, Goldy etc those people are probably correct.


  6. P.Cripps has a broken fibula. looks like he won’t play again this year.

    I traded him in last week. 🙁

    I need a replacement.

    Can we have a poll on the most durable Mid under $550K.


    1. Just a short list here, this is my opinion though so this could be completely wrong haha:

      L. Neale $547k

      C. Oliver $530k

      M. Bontempelli $525k

      J. Selwood $483k

      Of course there are heaps more options but that’s just my pick of the bunch 🙂


      1. Thanks Ben.

        I’ve owned Neale and Selwwod since R1

        I was going Bont but based on form and low ownership I decided on Cripps.

        I’ve got $300K banked so I can actually afford anyone.

        I want to still look for value as I don’t have enough trades for another downgrade.

        I’m currently considering Parker, Ward and Zorko.


        1. Here are some of the most durable mid premiums under 550,000 Freo Tragic as at the end of RD 16 in their premium relevant history with averages over 95.

          R Sloane 116/125
          T Rockliff 127/147
          D Zorko 94/103
          S Pendlebury 205/213
          S Sidebottom 100/112
          A Treloar 77/81
          L Neale 59/59
          M Duncan 37/37
          J Selwood 201/213
          C Ward 120/125
          R Gray 77/81
          D Hannebery 96/103
          L Parker 75/78
          A Gaff 37/37
          L Shuey 97/103
          M Priddis 199/213
          M Bontempelli 57/59


            1. Actual games played out of potential games played.

              Eg. M Bontempelli
              2 premium years 44 games
              2017 15 games
              Potentially 59 games played
              He has missed 2 games in those 59
              Thus 57/59


                1. Thanks Jack.

                  Great stats as usual.

                  Neale , Bont, Ward and Parker are standouts.

                  Pendles and Trelore also are durable but Collingwoods form is all over the place.

                  Bont is a champ, but the doggies form and his high ownership make him less attractive.

                  I’ve had Neale since round 1

                  So it really is still out of Zorko, Parker or Ward.

                  Zorko will probably score more points but leave me less $ for other problems in the future. 4 trades $300k bank. after replacing Cripps.

                  So…… Parker or Ward?

                  Might let the thumbs decide in Trade Talk.


  7. 9 left. 450k in the bank. Backs are full with Ryan covering. Still short a premium in the mids (using adams dpp atm) but waiting on selwood to bottom out plus hopefully a luxury upgrade in the finals for martin or zerrett. 1 ruck to go (nank still in there) trusted my gut and held off on gawn and still not convinced with him (might go kreuzer). 1 forward to go (greenwood and in this weeks case parson onfield).

    Plans for the coming weeks are:
    Parson out for a ruck and have nank swing foward (loophole whichever scores better of him and greenwood until 3rd trade)
    Stewart out for selwood and move adams back to have tuoy/newman as back cover with withderan as dpp link to mids
    Ryan out for the last remaining forward by swining sproule back again ($ dependant it may be tuoy or a fourh trade needed)

    Leaves me with at least a good cover on each line and a spud to loophole as well.

    My overall rank copped a flogging in the bye rounds so only focusing on cash leagues although I am in the top 3000 right now which is easily the best year ive had.

    I may get comments that I should have a full premo team already but this season has been the year of strange times with injuries and late outs and I am finding alot of the rookies/midprices are outscoring supposed premiums (looking at you sloan and rocky) so ive been in no rush to offload them.


  8. Very interesting poll…should have this every week all season. Good for us newbys to learn from! Love to know what position people sit with what trades they have left (like Iceman). I’m having easily my best year yet, am at 6,533 after peaking at 4,113 BUT have sacrificed trades to get there, only two trades left but have full premo (counting Witts!)…..great fun 🙂



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