Rookie Review – Round 4

Written by Alza on April 9 2024

Gather Round saw another solid week of rookie scores which greatly helped with it being a normal round with the scores from all 22 players needed. It’s not too late to jump on rookies that have had a price rise like Darcy but this is the last week to do it, like Dempsey last week.

That being said there isn’t a lot of great targets this week which will see coaches go early on Clohesy after his debut 100 on the weekend. He was great but as always it is only 1 game of data and still 2 more games he has to get through before he increases in price.

Players on the bubble are marked with an asterisk*


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Sam CLOHESYGCS$102,400108 (108-68
Tom BROWNRIC$213,800 (+$59.6k)95 (73)-33
Will GRAHAM (MID)GCS$117,30067 (67)-21
Joshua DRAPERFRE$148,300 (+$24.4k)21 (41)-4
Oisin MULLIN*GEE$153,400DNP (44)0
Toby PINKNTH$146,800DNP (40)7
Bodhi UWLANDGCS$206,900 (+$31k)47 (52)7
Kallan DAWSONNTH$217,500 (+$17.8k)76 (54)13
Marty HOREMEL$148,200DNP (41)21
Darcy GARDINERBRL$202,400 (+$14.6k)42 (46)34
Patrick PARNELLADE$175,30027 (27)42
Caleb MITCHELL* (MID)SYD$123,9000 (14)43
Jase BURGOYNEPTA$186,700 (+$7k)29 (39)46
Angus HASTIE*STK$117,3001 (10)48
Blake HOWESMEL$223,300 (+$7.7k)46 (59)56

The Good: Clohesy had a debut to remember. He had 22 touches, 8 marks, 1 goal and almost 500m gained, a great option in 2 weeks if you can wait that long. Brown had an excellent game with his kicking skills on show at times. He had 18 touches, 4 marks and 5 tackles to reward the 10% of coaches that brought him in.

The Bad: Draper was traded in by 16% of coaches as we struggle with options in defence. He only managed 4 touches in a lockdown role. Mitchell and Hastie combined for less than 10 minutes of game time as the subs for their sides, on the bubble now but can wait another week to target them.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Jeremy SHARPFRE$255,600 (+$70.8k)126 (83)-51
Jacob WEHRGWS$208,100 (+$41.1k)69 (58)-20
Jack CARROLLCAR$230,400 (+$45.6k)66 (68)1
Ryley SANDERSWBD$292,900 (+$56.3k)82 (75)8
Jhye CLARKGEE$186,700 (+$30.7k)28 (42)11
Matt ROBERTSSYD$335,900 (+$49.8k)80 (83)14
Kane MCAULIFFERIC$117,30016 (16)30
Campbell CHESSERWCE$179,600 (-$6.6k)45 (33)41
Colby MCKERCHERNTH$299,500 (+$32.2k)54 (78)43
Henry HUSTWAITE*HAW$184,4004 (25)55

The Good: What a game by Sharp! Although, he was stuck on most coaches benches unfortunately. 29 touches at 90%, 7 tackles, 655m gained and a goal to massively boost his cash gen. Sanders made the most of his low 64% TOG with 23 touches with 11 contested, 6 tackles and 5 clearances.

The Bad: Hustwaite was the sub which has ruined his cash gen for now. An option once he gets a full game. McAuliffe looked good in his 20 minutes after coming on as the sub but injured his ankle after 4 touches and 3 tackles.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Toby CONWAYGEE$180,000DNP (83)-12
Ethan READGCS$171,30044 (44)23

Read made his debut as a key forward, he had limited game time but kicked 1.1 from 5 touches with 4 hitouts.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Max RAMSDENHAW$123,90071 (71)-22
Sam DARCYWBD$204,700 (+$80.8k)84 (82)-21
Harvey GALLAGHERWBD$207,100 (+$34.6k)46 (56)-17
Mykelti LEFAURIC$127,900 (+$25.5k)49 (38)-15
Kai LOHMANNBRL$161,500 (+$19.1k)88 (39)-14
Oliver DEMPSEYGEE$265,400 (+$45.6k)80 (80)-14
Charlie LAZZARO (MID)NTH$212,300DNP (57)-9
Nick WATSON (MID)HAW$210,200DNP (51)-8
Harvey THOMAS (MID)GWS$207,100 (+$32.1k)18 (53)-7
Buku KHAMISWBD$226,00 (+$44k)53 (63)-6
Aaron CADMANGWS$240,500 (+$46.4k)50 (67)-3
Maurice RIOLIRIC$247,200 (+$35.3k)64 (61)-2
Corey WARNER*SYD$123,900DNP (32)8
Tyler SONSIE*RIC$150,90044 (39)9
Harley REID (MID)WCE$274,100 (+$31.9k)91 (72)12
Callum JAMIESONWCE$245,500 (+$20.4k)65 (59)13
Reef MCINNESCOL$158,000 (+$34.1k)45 (48)17
Chris BURGESSADE$189,000 (+$20.5k)15 (44)21
Noah ANSWERTHBRL$212,000 (+$36k)62 (60)22
Caleb WINDSOR (MID)MEL$244,000 (+$11k)61 (57)22
Darcy WILSON (MID)STK$187,000 (+$21.8k)58 (52)24
Matt TABERNERFRE$188,500 (+$16.4k)29 (45)26
James TUNSTILLBRL$123,90021 (21)28
Loch RAWLINSON (MID)WCE$102,40011 (11)29
Seth CAMPBELLRIC$229,800 (+$30.3k)57 (56)31
Tom EMMETTFRE$182,700 (+$4.8k)55 (38)31
Jackson MEAD (MID)PTA$257,800 (+$26.6k)55 (60)33
Jed WALTER*GCS$198,30042 (40)34
Orazio FANTASIACAR$171,900 (+$0k)41 (33)39
Finlay MACRAECOL$144,700DNP (23)41
Zane DUURSMA (MID)NTH$214,600 (+$1.6k)43 (49)51
Taj WOEWODINMEL$143,800 (-$31.7k)4 (10)59
Thomas BERRYGCS$231,200 (+$23k)41 (58)67

The Good: Reid played his best game to give us a glimpse of what’s to come. 18 touches at 83%, 3 marks, 7 tackles and a goal but gave away 4 frees aswell as winning 3 himself. Lohmann made the most of his opportunity with a full game and up against North with 2.1 from 18 touches, 4 marks and 8 score involvements. Is cheap enough to consider this week. Darcy was traded into almost 30% of teams (43% total) and he made it 2 great games out of 3 here with 3 goals from 12 touches, 3 marks, 4 tackles and 8 hitouts. Only played 55% of the game which is surprising considering how important his goals were, 6 clangers kept him from a huge score.

The Bad: Burgess struggled in this game and was subbed out after 4 touches in 41% game time. Thomas couldn’t back up his last game as he had just 6 touches this week but still has a negative breakeven.

Trade Targets
Players you should be looking to bring in this week:
Lohmann – scoring and reasonable security after that game
Lefau – job security but not the best scorer
Darcy – scoring and security, Ruck DPP incoming also

Who gets your vote as the Rookie Of The Week for Round 4?

  • Jeremy Sharp (FRE) - 126 (70%, 197 Votes)
  • Sam Clohesy (GCS) - 108 (20%, 55 Votes)
  • Harley Reid (WCE) - 91 (6%, 16 Votes)
  • Tom Brown (RIC) - 95 (4%, 11 Votes)
  • Kai Lohmann (BRL) - 88 (1%, 2 Votes)
  • Other (In Comments) (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 281

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Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:

Leaderboard After Round 3
O. Dempsey – 5
S. Darcy – 3
M. Roberts – 3


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15 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 4”

  1. Looks like there might be 3 rookies we’ll want next week (Clohesy, Graham & Ramsden maybe). I don’t really want to go early on any but don’t have cash to upgrade anywhere without downgrading. Tough decisions.


    1. I’m going early on Clohesy so I can bring in the other 2 next week or Comben. I can boost an upgrade as well next week if I do it. Don’t want 500k itb for a round


      1. If you need to go early which I think a lot will, Clohesy is your man. Scored great and surely won’t be dropped, it’s only injury that is the worry.

        But at basement price it is the lowest risk play.


        1. As long as he plays on the wing the next two games, I can then swing him in the mid and send Daicos or Martin if he is a flop. It is best 18 too

          I’m with you though on who to upgrade to in my forward line. I feel I might need to bring in Zorko. Has actually played a bit off half back the last two games. Taken 2 kick ins against Collingwood and 3 against North


          1. Risk with Clohesy is if he is dropped/injured, makes him much harder to replace at $102k. I would argue Graham is lowest risk option because of his DPP, but not sure on his JS.


            1. True but at least currently another 27% of teams will deal with the same problem.
              Will just need to wait for teams and then see what is the safer risk


      1. Hawks have GC and North the next two so he’s got some upcoming games where the Hawks could do well and he should score better.


  2. I prefer to have another week to look at Clohsey/Ramsden/Graham etc. If two or more are needed next week isn’t this what boosts are for?


    1. Very true Simo but if you are to bring in all 3 then you will have a lot of cash left over and miss out on extra points from not getting a premium in.

      But there are good reasons why we don’t go early because it doesn’t always work out but on some occasions you need to take the risk.


      1. Other one is I have Howes & T Berry-GC, just about to lose money- cash up this week, extra gun next week!
        Hello Mr Heeney- said never again- but you’ve suckered me again!



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