Round 14 Review

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 19 2023

Port Adelaide v Geelong

Houston (146) was sensational playing as a pure spare with some real attack on the ball. 31 touches, 9 contested and 571 MG at 83% kept him in good stead. Solid but not spectacular outings for Rozee (111) and Butters (99) as it was instead Wines (134) leading things out of the middle. Played on a full CBA load at 73% TOG and then led contested possession for Port with 15.

Very little to report for the Cats, all under par with their highest score being a 101. Second highest scorer Stewart (91) had a troubling amount of his economy eaten early by a returning Duncan, who played pure soft HB, and really had to hustle late and keep it clean at 94% DE to earn his 91. Had just 4/14 KIs. Hawkins (62) and Cameron (53) were surprisingly well beaten by Port’s smaller defense.

Brisbane v Sydney

The big headline from this one was a superb blue collar performance by Neale (144). He was tagged by Rowbottom and just played a contested, ground level and high HB game in order to still impact. Lost his explosiveness and floor this season but a 144 was promising heading into the byes. You weren’t playing SC if you didn’t VC/C Dunkley (137) who was solid as ever with 28 touches, 15 contested and 8 tackles. Robertson (95) was great for anyone who took him as a downgrade and provided he can stay in the side will remain great cover. Ashcroft (87) very much coasted off of clearance dominance from Neale and Dunks and his serviceable baseline when playing at home. Fletcher (63) played his first game and looked to have some real smarts about him. Will retain a spot in the side given the amount of the like types they can put him ahead of but not one you need to really pay up for ahead of Maric.

Parker (145) was simply immense and was the only Swan who took it up to the Lions for four quarters. 11 tackles and 10 clearances. No FWD status this year and only had a handful of ceiling games but his class on Friday night was undeniable. Gulden (111) ramped up his scoreboard involvements late but is no longer playing an inside role. He’s scored perfectly well without OB time but the repeat stoppage and high contest match conditions meant it would have been better for his scoring for him to have been OB in this one. The wing experiment with Lloyd (103) ended and he returned to HB without issue. Sheldrick (91) whipped out a random 91 and will stay in the side after that gritty performance and Wicks looking at 2 weeks, however Buller (17) was unable to find his sealegs and have an impact.

GWS v Fremantle

It was vintage GWS as they put Freo to the sword: Kelly (164) played an insane 34 touch, 3 goal game on a wing, Green (127) led the giants for contested possesions with 19 and would have gone larger were it not for his scant MG and 8 kicks and Coniglio (112) put up a handsome ton. Briggs (129) was then just insane. 6 tackles, won the HO contest, 13 touches, 11 contested and nearly slapped on a late goal just for fun. He is now a legitimate OF ruck option and one that warrants reviewing your team and trades. Himmelberg (72), who many jumped on, remained in defence after some vague words earlier in the week but was in more of a supporting role than an out and out spare man getting ball funneled to him. Used it well and went through the corridor nicely a few times but not the season shaper he was last year – especially with Cumming to return.

The Dockers were paltry and well beaten. Their top 5 scorers are the only SC relevant ones: Jackson (118), Brayshaw (107), Ryan (106), Young (85), Serong (84). Serong’s numbers were good, 32 and 17 contested, but absolutely butchered it at 43%. You cop it and move on if you own any of them but given where Freo are at I probably wouldn’t actively bring any of them in. Target backend form.

Richmond v St Kilda

A true spectacle in the wet and with a sense of occasion in the air. The torrential rain drove everyone’s use into the ground, limited marking and stifled scoring, so tons were scant and a lot of players who looked to be on for big ones either flatlined or even went backwards.

It was just Taranto (128) lit as usual and Bolton (56) tagged of relevance for the Tigers. Sinclair (102) was best on for the Saints with 31 and kept the Saints in it with his defensive repulsions but got harshly graded for a few “clanger” kicks that in actuality bailed out the Saints backline – played a 130 game. Similarly, Marshall (90) did nothing after 3QT as stoppages started to swell with players and he barely recorded a HTA and got boxed into 47% DE on his 17 touches. Finally, Steele (61) was a disaster. A repeat stoppage affair is a dream for CP MIDs but Steele just looked lethargic, slow and out of it. 21 touches, 12 contested, mostly HBs. Given it was a bye round and there aren’t 8 clear must have MIDs you can perhaps weather it but he’s looking to be a real problem as he just lacks any potency.

Carlton v Gold Coast

The Blues finally clicked and *checks notes* won a game. Cerra (127) led the way with 2 goals and 27, Cripps (117) right place right timed his way to a ton and some action and then Walsh (108) played with a lot more effort and deliberation than of late. Kennedy (113) played as that 4th MID and solid, Docherty (111) could have gone much larger with 32 touches but 5 clangers and 68% DE and Saad (85) chilled out after a hot and involved start and didn’t participate in the gulling. Cincotta (61) played a non-descript defensive role and was serviceable with a few burst pieces of play after staying in the side

Anderson (106) and Rowell (92) were just overwhelmed and didn’t have enough team contributions and pressure to wrest momentum from the Blues newly invigorated engine room. Humphrey (74) was honestly excellent all things considered and plied tackles and effort to the last minute – hang onto him if you can.

North Melbourne v Bulldogs

North gave the Dogs a bit of a sweat in this one, driving up the scores and putting some nice scaling scoring on offer. Sheezel (103) found 31 touches and really worked to be in position amongst a cluttered backline. 610 MG and 81% DE held him in good stead. Copped two late FA decisions in the 4th which cost him. Thomas (75) was just poor and was fed touches across multiple positions, including HB for most of the day and then a late injection OB. Ziebell (68) just doesn’t work hard enough in that cluttered HB line, which is why an earnest Sheezel tonned and he didn’t.

Headlines a plenty for the Dogs, chief among them being Bontempelli (169). The Bont had a monstrous last quarter consisting of 11 touches, 5 tackles and 2 goals in a successful effort to keep the Roos at bay. English (133) also hit his straps late and genuinely seemed inspired by Bont and started to take the game on with more creative HO work, strong forward positioning and chain up play. The ever alluring Treloar (142) dropped a big one to give himself a 130+ 3RD average and Liberatore (115) was sat on all day by Scott but remains and Top 8 lock and worthwhile selection. Macrae (81), Smith (91), Dale (95) and Daniel (103) felt the constraints of their positions.


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2 thoughts on “Round 14 Review”

  1. Thanks GD. Initially got Briggs as a cash grab and bye coverage, fully intending to trade him in this week. He has done so much more that now he is a fully fledged dilemma.
    I have Gawn at R2. Trade Gawn and I need to use an extra trade boost on Ford to Maric to get 18 onfield – and that is 16 2. But also have 200k in cash.
    Trade Briggs and it’s one trade saved and I have 17 1. But only 14k in cash.

    Sure many have this issue. Will be following Trade Talk with a lot of interest this week!


  2. Always enjoy reading this thread, keep it up. Couple of commets.
    Reported on a AFL podcast Sunday that Stewart never took an intercept mark as he was never left alone by PP.
    Something other teams may pick up on.
    I took the gamble and traded in Wines 5 wks ago for $400k hoping his TOG increased after a limited preseason . Tick



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