SCT Draft Update: Finals

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on August 3 2022

Forget about SC Classic semi-finals, the main event,which is the SCT Draft Finals, is upon us, and boy-o-boy what a finish to the H&A series we had! Every team (except bottom placed bAps (Simon)) still a chance to play finals. The last game of the round brought joy, tears and the odd ‘F-Bomb’, but we’ll get to Gunboat later!

Our finals consist of a knock-out 3 weeks series with no second chances!

Coodabeen (Channy) (2) V (7) Maaz Rovers (Matt)

It’s always a massive blow in draft when you lose your captain to an LTI, and that was the case for Channy with Steele going down to a A/C mid-way through the season. Although he was able to call upon Viney to hold things together until Steel made his return, helping him to rocket up to 2nd, where he plays Maaz’s Rovers. Matt wears his heart on his sleeve and provides plenty of entertainment in the chat group. Despite trading Stringer out before he hit form, his captain being the unexpected highest averaging scorer in Laird has helped propel Matt from 12th at the byes to finish in 7th.

Cole’s Crew (Jesse) (6) V (3) Chillo’s Champs (Chillos)

The next final sees the ever-consistent Cole’s Crew (Jesse), who, thanks to rookie surprise packet N. Daicos and top 3 DEF Dawson, was rarely out of the Top 8. He’s up against a favourite of SCT and previous champion, Chillo who is charging toward another GF with Merrett leading the way. I spoke to Chillo the other day and he was off to buy a Voo-Doo doll of Parish to poke needles in to…

Bearded Burbler (Koray) (5) V (4) Bundeena Bunnies (Derek)

While most teams are hitting form coming into the finals, the Burblers are heading in the opposite direction, limping to 5th with a 0-4 run. Injuries to Martin, Hewitt along with Captain Macrae being “Bevo’d” threating to derail his campaign. On the other end of the scale, Derek is hitting top gear propelling to 4th after being 10th at the bye, thanks to Trac’s return to form. Both being Hawks supports, we’ll see feather fly during this clash.

Carrum Cowboys (Emile) (1) V (8) Nathan’s Guns 

This brings us to our final match-up. Emile has been invincible since the byes, comfortably taking out he minor premiership. As if having the no.1 MID and DEF in the game wasn’t enough in Clarry and Sinclair, he’s now looking at potentially having the number one scorer from herein, due to Ryder going down – that must’ve been some Voo-Doo doll Emile got a hold of! He faces off against Nathan and his Guns who were remarkably able to rise from the ashes and tie with Gunboat Diplomacy (Michael) to take 8th spot by a mere 2%. CCJ’s cherry picking goal allowed him to creep to 31 and force a draw, which consigned GD to 9th and some colorful language during our chat on Sunday night.

In the end, losing his No.1 pick in Grundy to an early season LTI, was too much to bear.

A shout out to the following coaches who also all finished on 32 pts but just missed out, Mike (second22 – despite his multiple trade requests!), Jeannot (FrenchyBombers), Adam (ThugFyfe), Paul (PK strikers) Rohan (kid81) and Ryan (Lever Wanting Moore).

All the best to our finalists and we’ll keep you updated throughout the finals!


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17 thoughts on “SCT Draft Update: Finals”

  1. Painful to read but a pleasure to have been a part of!

    Thanks, BB, and good luck to the rest of you f*ckers who dropped me out of the 8 lol.


  2. Thanks GD – Mega finals series coming up!
    Well done to Emile on the minor premiership and very stiff of you to miss out on %, mate.


  3. Another ripper year. It really is the best format. Thanks to everyone for a great year and more so GD for organizing.
    Good luck guys


  4. it has been crazy close scoring all season.

    i got super lucky to finish top 4 with a 97%

    now up against a fellow ‘BB’

    good luck everyone


  5. first time… loved the challenge of this format. definitely give it a crack next year if i get invited back. who knows maybe i’ll even get a trade across the line for second22 lol

    thx all and especially GD for putting it together.


    1. Nah, it’s Koray (BeardedBurbler) who organizes the SCT Draft League every year.

      He’s also written this update and I’ve just posted it.


  6. It’s been quite an incredible season with how competitive it’s been – apart from Emile leaving everyone else in the dust! Draft really is a great format and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t had a go before, get yourself into a league next season.

    Thanks Koray for the writeup, and good luck (but not too much!) to everyone else in the finals


    1. I love draft. Only league I’m in that has 18 coaches playing. As a result the good players are spread thin and the scoring extreamly close. Great format and makes for a good league.

      There was very few team trades made. Only 2 for the whole season (I managed to get Parker, Ziebel & Pitonet from Kid81 for Jackson, JDacois & Hill – jury still out).

      Hopefully more trades next year


  7. Great to be finally part of a draft league where 7/8ths of the participants don’t lose interest halfway through. Will definitely back next year if I haven’t burnt too many bridges or slagged off too many opponents (all done with love mind you!)



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