SCT Prizes 2021

Written by Motts on March 15 2021

We love putting on comps for you, our loyal readers. And clearly you don’t mind them either. Three weeks ago we put out the call for anyone wanting to join our official leagues and were inundated with responses! It’s great that so many of you want to be involved!

Last week I put out the call for donations for prizes for these comps and was genuinely touched by the number of people who emailed me with offers of support. They generally prefer to remain anonymous so I won’t name them but without them, the site wouldn’t be what it is today and we are all in their debt. Thank you!

So without further ado, here are the 2021 prizes for our main leagues and competitions:

The SCT Group – a magnificent SuperCoach ring courtesy of PLUS $200.

The SCT Tech League – a stunning vintage leather footy with stand donated by indepal PLUS $100.

League of Extraordinary Coaches 1 – $100 for the winner PLUS $200 for the coach who finishes with the most cumulative points at the end of the season (donated by WeenDog, who is in the league).

League of Extraordinary Coaches 2 – $50 for the winner

League of Extraordinary Coaches 3 – $50 for the winner

We want to once again thank all the legendary donors without whom these prizes would not be possible. You guys are champions!

Good luck to everyone having a crack at taking one or more home!


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3 thoughts on “SCT Prizes 2021”

  1. You guys are an incredible bunch of people doing something that no one made you do which means a lot! This is why I love this site as there are heaps of incredible people all willing to help in any way they can!

    Thanks for what you have done and all the best to your supercoach season! You deserve to have a brilliant season for what you have just done!



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