Table For Two – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 11 2019

Lunchtime on Thursday……time again for a Table For Two! Following on from 2UP over the pre-season, Table For Two helps you split those season-defining moves with the help of the Thumbs UP/DOWN function.

So what do you need sorted out?  Which rookie to play at M8?  Best downgrade option ahead of Rd4?  Collins or Burgess on the ground?  Cripps or Macrae as Captain?  Let us know in the comments below……..


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44 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd4”

  1. Thoughts please:

    T/U Dusty & Greene out. In Bont & Rozee.

    T/D Dusty & Greene out. In Neale & Lockhart.

    Comment: Hold fire. Do not have the cash to do Neale & Rozee which would be my preference. Thanks.


  2. TU: VC Grundy
    TD: VC MaCrae

    FYI – rumours are that Greenwood will not be in the Collingwood lineup, replaced by Varcoe. No source on this yet.


  3. Made 0 trades so far this season and have Fyfe in my midfield. I am wondering whether it is worth it trading him out as it is suggested it will be only 1 game. I have Wagner on the bench too. I was planning as playing him as an emergency tonight and if he scored well enough keep Fyfe as he is now well covered. If he only scored lets say 70 or less is it worth trading out Fyfe?

    I started Fyfe on the thought that he will be in my team until he injures himself. He has never played a full season, but has played 21 games twice. If i didn’t start him but he started well, i would have felt trading him in would be a waste in trades as he would likely injure himself and be needed to be traded again.

    If i traded him it would likely be to Macrae/Merrett to keep up with the bye structure. In terms of these 2 Merrett is on a BE of 86 at 533k and last year from RD11 – RD 23 scored a tonne every game bar R22 with a 93.
    Macrae is scoring better but being priced at 686k and a BE of 138 is a massive stretch and 1 poor game will make that price drop massively.

    TU: Trade out Fyfe to Merrett/Macrae if Wagner does not produce the goods
    TD: Keep Fyfe no matter what score is produced.


    1. It looked like a pretty significant concussion. How he recovers is anyone’s guess but from what I saw, I’d be surprised if he comes back in and kills it.


  4. Fyfe to

    T/U: Macrae
    T/D: Neale

    Or the concussion wont impact fyfe and he wont drop of or be monitored at all?


  5. Reports Neville Jetta will be a late out tonight and that Marty Hore is set to take his place.


  6. Walsh OUT – Sheed IN
    TU – hold walsh for the price rises
    TD – trade in sheed for more consistant points


  7. Who to field (Draft)

    T/U Yeo
    T/D Shiel

    Sorry for non reg SC content but really struggling here 🙂


  8. Need some help boys.

    Been looking at trading out yeo all week but I know a lot of people will be jumping on him when he bottoms out/turns it around.

    Only want to do 1 trade this week. Below are what I’m looking at.

    TU – Yeo to Neale

    TD – B.Smith to Whitfield


    1. Looking pretty one sided. Looks like I’ll have to cross my fingers yeo comes good and neale has a shocker somewhere!

      Thanks boys


  9. Looking to trade Short to Libba by trading a midfield rookie (Gibbons). Who to bring in?

    TU- Lockhart (if named, if not I will reassess)
    TD- Miers via Moore DPP (Still has a low BE)


  10. Thinking of dropping Dunkley because his scoring only goes up if a WBD mid gets injured in my eyes:

    T/U Heeney
    T/D Hold


  11. No McVeigh, Lloyd vc?
    No greenwood, macrae c?
    Tu, yep to this combo.
    Td, play safe, Grundy danger.


  12. Who to field in Draft?

    TU: Buddy vs Demons
    TD: JJK vs Fremantle

    Comment: Tex vs North Melbourne


  13. Simpson out for:

    TU: Luke Ryan
    TD: Darcy Moore (assuming he plays)

    Sadly not in a position to be able to bring in Lloyd


    1. New option

      Houli. Played one game and scored 100, surely at his price sub $400k worth a crack in a very shaky lineup


  14. Need to trade Short this week and looking to trade out Gibbons too, which one?

    TU- Stewart & Lockhart (MID)
    TD- Libba & Lockhart (DEF) (Butters moves to bench, Setterfield goes on field in forward line due to Moore’s DPP) (100k leftover)


  15. Wondering if I should trade Greene….

    Rozee in for Greene, and
    Libba in for Chayce Jones.

    TU: Yes

    TD : No




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