Game Chat – Sydney vs Carlton

Written by Huttabito on 3:35 pm, August 26 2017

If Sydney play their cards right, they will finish up in the top 4 by the final siren and it will all come down to other teams to push them out. Who would’ve thought after the first 7 rounds.

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Rookie Review – Round 22

Written by Huttabito on 5:00 am, August 22 2017

Rookies are still relevant as long as you are still fielding them. Don’t think I’ve had a full 22 premiums once this season, sigh.

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Round 22 Review

Written by Huttabito on 5:00 am, August 21 2017

If I have 100kg of potatoes which are 99% by weight of water and I dehydrate them until they are 98% by weight of water, how much do the potatoes weigh now?

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Game Chat – Hawthorn vs North Melbourne

Written by Huttabito on 2:20 pm, August 13 2017

Lachie Neale broke the record for most disposals in a regular season with 737 last year. With 3 games left, Tom Mitchell is only 61 disposals (1.7 games average for Titch) behind the record and with a match up against the Roos this week who have been giving disposals away like no tomorrow, it wouldn’t surprise me if he falls just shy this afternoon.

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Game Chat – Melbourne vs St Kilda

Written by Huttabito on 12:10 pm, August 13 2017

Both teams were smoky chances to make the final 8 this season and currently sit just outside only on percentage, but a loss to either of these teams will most likely be the final nail in the coffin for 2017.

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