SCT Draft League 2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 10 2019

G’day superstar DRAFT coaches!

Hope you all had/having a great summer!

So, with the recent opening of Supercoach Classic, this also bring the commencement of our annual SCT DRAFT competition. As previous entrants, or regulars across the site, you have been given priority preference to join our league. (How cool does that sound!)

This year promises to be bigger than ever as we are hoping to fill all 18 spots. So if you would like to join, please enter our league with code: 634240

As always, we’ll try to accommodate a live draft time that suits everybody.

If you can’t join this season, that’s fine, no need to respond, we’ll fill your spot through the website.

Hopefully I’ll see you all on draft night!

(Bearded Burbler)


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14 thoughts on “SCT Draft League 2019”

    1. Good to have you on board Barbs!

      Issue with a keeper league is that due to “life” getting in the way, rarely do we have the same coaches joining from season to season…


    2. Hey BBQbarbs, I’m not sure if SuperCoach allows keeper leagues, but if it doesn’t, I’m happy to set one up with you on a platform that does.



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