SCTTL Finals 2012 – Week 2

Written by Motts on August 17 2012

So the results for the finals for the SCTTL leagues last week looked like this:


Shaw Bet (2,424) def by Bluez Cluez (2,481)

Sensei Pabs (2,353) def by SCTTLSIMMO (2,392)

Goofballs (2,431) def by Jesters Crew (2,506), and

DavidJohnsonRules (2,450) def howmuchcanjudcarry (2,402)

So we bid adieu to Goofballs and howmuchcanjudcarry and the match-ups for this week are:

Shaw Bet v Jesters Crew, and

Sensei Pabs v DavidJohnsonRules

With Bluez Cluez and SCTTLSIMMO going through to next week.

Good luck to everyone!!


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7 thoughts on “SCTTL Finals 2012 – Week 2”

  1. Thanks Motts, it was fun while it lasted, but if Goofballs is also out, why is he playing Sensei Pabs? Or would that be David Johnsons match up?


  2. Cheers Motts. I think ive had the worst luck, so many LTIs. NRoo stuffed me this week brought in for Chappy and would have gotten over the top if he played all game. Think I might be out in straight sets but if there is some way to get through this week I have Swan and Porps to come back for last two games.


  3. Hey Motts,

    Great work … thanks again.

    Can you please check the above matchups? There appears to be a typo. It says that ‘Goofballs’ is now OUT, but then it says that he’s playing ‘Sensai Pabs’ … and my team (DavidJohnsonRules) isn’t listed in the matchups for this week (even though I defeated ‘howmuchcanjuddcarry’ last week).

    Thanks again.


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