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Written by The Salamander on April 14 2021

With popular picks Zac Butters and Isaac Heeney needing to be replaced, and with other coaches starting to look at some early upgrades, it makes sense take a look at some of the options in the forward line.

If you can afford a Dunkley/Martin/Dangerfield type, then those guys are all obvious choices, so I’m limiting the field here to players priced at $500,000 or less.

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How do you see the forward line pecking order shaping up from here on out? Got your eye on someone not listed above? Let us know in the comments below!


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12 thoughts on “Poll: Sub-$500K Forwards”

  1. Not personally sold; however Jake Stringer is worth a mention with a breakeven of -46 and priced sub 300k.


      1. What about Nick Hind? 4 games played now for the Bombers and averaging 88.3 whilst priced at 389k. Has gone up 58k already this season.
        Only downside to him is he is yet to crack the tonne but his lowest being 77. Was crucial last week in the 2nd half as he was on 22 at half but finished with 93


  2. Mentioning Zac Bailey as this season he has been given a lot more time in the centre bounce, however last week he got a lot less CBA in 4 whereas the first 3 rounds were more 10+, then scoring an 88 and 97 in R3 and R2.
    He had a poor score last week in 51 which causes a lot of doubt to justify his selection, but with Brisbane looking to have an easier run of opponents it should help him. He just needs to be more clinical with the ball and stop producing many clangers/turnovers which is why his score has been held back in a couple of games


    1. I’m having a hard time this week as an owner. Feels so wrong to get rid of him but that drop of CBAs over the weekend doesn’t fill me with a world of confidence. With Berry in the team he’s only dropped the 74 and 51 so far and Lincoln McCarthy is getting more mid minutes than him. Like what?!?!? Really want to hold but may go either Atkins/Stringer this week.


  3. Thanks for the poll Sal.

    I got a little inside info on Heeney.

    It seems for once, the Swans were telling the truth.

    He’s going for surgery today.The Swans are hoping he’s ready for the Geelong game R7. This seems a little to “hopeful” to me. I think its more likely R8.

    Even so, this is could be as little as a 2 week- max 3 week hold.

    Of course, we need to hear that the surgery went well to make a call.
    If it all goes well,theres a good chance he misses only 2 weeks, and almost no chance he misses more than 3 weeks.

    I’m basically saying if owners have low cash, or more important trades to make, It might be worth holding Heeney.

    I’m looking at holding him this week ( if news is good ) as I’d rather sort my rookies.Cash growth looks pretty grim especially for bench rookies.
    I also don’t want to have to trade Heeney, as he was my Rowell replacement. Both the guys who are similarly priced ( Crouch and Tex ) that I would look at to replace him with. Have there own issues / Injury histories.

    I don’t want to spend the cash to go up to Greene. ( he won’t keep kicking 5 every week.)

    I started Dunkley.

    Dusty will be cheaper next week and I’m not paying $600k for Danger.

    It looks like I’m holding Heeney in the hope its only 2 weeks.

    Thanks again 🙂



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