2017 Brownlow Competition Results

Written by Motts on September 26 2017

 In our sixth SCT Brownlow Comp we’ve had by far our closest finish with a blanket finish featuring 11 coaches within 10 points of first place. Platten & Lockett, Hird & Voss, Mitchell & Cotchin. Players that will be forever share a bond due to their shared Brownlow triumphs.


It is with great pleasure that I declare the joint winners of the 2017 SCT Brownlow competition …… Catta and Slappa. Congrats to the both of you for seeing the game the same way an umpire sees things. Someone with background access will add your names into the Hall of Fame shortly.


For Catta it’s back-to-back triumphs and for Slappa it’s a first time entry for a first time win. Checked to see if they hadn’t by chance made the same entries but there were a couple of differences.

Catta v Slappa – Shiel v Ward, Gunston v Roughead, Billings v Steven (0), Treloar v Sidebottom (+3 Slappa), Jones v Viney (+2 Slappa), Brown v Higgins (+5 Catta). Shaun Higgins finding new and creative ways to burn people!!


Umpires                                695

Catta                                       649

Slappa                                    649

EatChickenNuggets        647

Thommo                               647

Nathan                                   647

The Death Adder              644

Teamcustard                      644

ATLFan                                   644

Seb                                           642

Adam                                      639

The Salamander                639

SharpShooter197           637

Kid81                                      635

Zac                                            634

Champ                                   632

Roo Bloke                             629

Mottsy                                   627

Chillo                                      626

Huttabito                             625

bruce.p                                  622

Yiorgakis                               620

Skelton81                            616

Tails                                         609

Andrew                                  607

Dermot                                  598

Nateo                                      593

Pop                                          592

Cuzza2                                    591

CJGRoyBoys@SCT           587

Lachlan Hunter                 522


This marks The Death Adder’s worst finish ever and it needs to be highlighted. A lowly tie for 6th and a whopping 5 votes from the lead. What a terrible effort by someone that we all hold in such esteem when it comes to all things Brownlow. He’d ummed and ahhed between Treloar and Pendlebury and decided it was the season for the changing of the guard at the Carringbush picking youth over experience. It cost him 4 votes and a 3rd place finish.


Two bigger hard luck stories come from The Salamander (Jack) and Nathan.

* The Salamander’s much spruiked data analysis turned up a turnip rather than tulips when identifying Rockliff as a better option than Zorko. It cost The Salamander 12 votes and THE WIN!!!

* Nathan only lost by two points and he had a doughnut in Hodge. If Nathan had opted for one of Gunston, Roughead, Burgoyne, McEvoy, Shiels, Henderson, Burton or Smith would’ve got him the win. Ouch!!!!!!!


The Top 5

All bar three of us tipped Martin, Dangerfield and Mitchell to feature in the top 5 but didn’t get JP Kennedy or Franklin. Nateo didn’t rate Mitchell’s season and CJGRoyBoys@SCT went out on a limb, including JP Kennedy but missing out on Mitchell and Franklin. Lachlan Hunter didn’t seem to understand the intricacies of the comp and didn’t even include his top 5. If you add the additional 120 points that most of got for Martin, Dangerfield and Mitchell Lachlan Hunter actually rockets up to 542 and only 7 off the lead. Pays to read the fine print.


Other observations:

* Cuzza2 had a doughnut in Howe and as already mentioned Nathan had a doughnut in Hodge.

* Pop chose Heeney over Franklin which cost Pop a massive 18 votes.

* 40% of coaches had Yeo but he was only the 6th highest vote getter at WC and 6 votes off their 2nd highest vote getter (Shuey).

* 50% of coaches didn’t have NM’s highest in Brown.

* More people have learnt how to spell Bontempelli in the last 12 months but we seem to actually think Dangerfield’s name is Danger. 🙂


A pleasure to facilitate this comp for you all again. I’m going to look at making a few changes to the comp next year to better measure who knows what’s what. I’d like to change the scoring system for the winner, 2nd, 3rd etc… plus I like The Death Adder’s suggestion of nominating the players in order at each club and somehow awarding bonus points for this. As long as it doesn’t overally complicate the entry process or my data collation then I’m all for it.


Once again, congrats Catta and Slappa on your wins!!


Roo Bloke


And thank YOU RB, for handling another of SCT’s side competitions that make this site so interesting and so much fun. We just may have to create a SCT Legend category for all the effort you’ve put in over the years.


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7 thoughts on “2017 Brownlow Competition Results”

  1. Damn Rockliff… this was one of several instances where the model actually got it right, but I chose to ignore it, and instead pay attention to past voting patterns. The same thing happened with Ebert and Shuey, albeit with much less serious consequences.

    Even with the Oliver mishap, given that it would have won me the competition had I had more faith in it, I think it’s fair to say the model worked pretty well for a first attempt. If only I’d listened to it!

    Anyhow, well done to Catta and Slappa on a well-deserved victory. And a big thank you to Roo Bloke for running this competition. It’s been great fun.


  2. Huge Catta well done mate with back to back wins something i have not been able to achieve! A changing of the guard.

    Slappa a fantastic effort to win the Brownlow Comp on your 1st try and well deserved with an outsider Sidebottom helping you get the job done.

    I must say it is a tough comp these days as you just have to look at how close the Top 10 was. Gone are the days when people are falling into picking players based on Supercoach scores even though a lot fell into Yeo.

    I did get a couple of predictions right that it was a tie and , my good mate CJG Roy Boys would finish last as you can’t count Lachlan Hunter’s invalid entry.

    Thanks for your stellar efforts running the Comp again RB!


  3. Well done Catta and Slappa!

    Don’t know about anyone else, but I fall into the same trap with this thing every year. I’m going to get “Midfielder’s Medal” tattooed on the back of my hand…and remember why I should ignore Daniher, Lynch and Ryder, and pick Heppell, Hall and Wines instead.


  4. Well done Catta and Slappa and thanks for running the comp again RB.

    Missed the win by a tiny margin again after coming second to Catta last year. D’oh!


  5. nice one catta 🙂

    i only saw one collingwood game this year, but sidebottom always goes well. and i hate pendles 🙂

    can’t believe i was burned by the burn man again!!! how many times have i said never again. 🙂


  6. Hello SCT,

    1st & formost apologies for the late post as I’m currently in hawaii with family, minimal time on the internet for safety reasons with the lovely Mrs Catta

    Thank you once again Roo Bloke for running the competition & thank you everyone for the accolades.

    Congratulations Slappa, well done on the win & I look forward to spending the 7 day holiday cruise to the Caribbean that Motts puts up for the winners

    Cheers SCT & coaches, look forward to chatting again next season. Finally congratulations to all the Tigers supporters out there on winning the GF in style yesterday



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